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I’ve always thought of myself as a writer: I have written poetry, articles, blogs and short stories my whole life. So, I find it kind of annoying that as I sit here, getting ready to compose this post, I have no idea what to say.

I’ve been extremely ill this past week and my head is in a bit of a fog due to medication and crazy, stuffed up sinuses. Currently, it feels like someone is heating up little sewing needles and poking them into the back of my throat. I notice that my ears are not working quite right – almost as if cotton balls have been shoved in them. They might be creeping into my brain at this very moment.

It is a vast improvement to the days prior where my whole body radiated with a pain so debilitating that I couldn’t even manage to get out of bed. Luckily I have a great support system trying to help me get well. There has been some improvement; however, I’m still “not all there”.

On that note, I hope everyone out in the world is doing better than me at the moment. I’m off for nap.

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So Far Away

This past Monday I had to say goodbye to my significant other. He is going away for work in another province. This is our first time being apart from each other in almost 2 and a half years. It has been 4 full days now that he has been gone, and I’ve finally figured out why everyone loves Skype so much. I never really had a use for it before, except for connecting with clients, but now I find myself constantly checking the Skype icon in the corner, just to see if Jay has signed on yet. After his 2nd day there, he started the night shift, which then brought on something else new to me – not being able to say goodnight, or to hear him saying it to me.

I’ve been lucky to find some support groups online recently for women whose partner’s go away to work for periods of time. So far I’ve met a couple really cool ladies. It’s too bad they aren’t local. 

Now, if only I had some more writing jobs coming up to keep me a little more distracted. 

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Travelling With Kids.

An article I wrote earlier today for Helium: 


We’ve all been there: You’re sitting on a plane or a train, and suddenly the child behind you starts incessantly kicking the back of your chair. You turn around only to find their father or mother completely oblivious, reading a novel or listening to music on their iPod. The child is clearly bored, and has nothing better to get up to. Perhaps you think to yourself, “Why doesn’t this kid have something to do!?” Even worse, what if you are about to go travelling with your child and you are that parent who has no idea how to entertain them on the way to your destination? Continue reading for some great ideas!

Before the Airport

Sure there are tons of places and shops to look at once you actually get to the airport, but what about the ride in the vehicle on the way to the airport? If your child is tall enough to see out of the front window of your vehicle, take turns looking out for license plates that come from different areas. Another option is bringing along a couple disposable cameras, and allowing your child to snap pictures of the scenery on the way to the airport. A disposable camera is also not too expensive to replace, just in case your child drops it accidentally. Purchase a pack of stickers for your child to decorate the disposable camera with as well. This adds a little extra fun to the activity, as well as helps develop their fine motor skills (i.e. mastering their “pincer grasp”).

Transition Times

You’ve finally arrived at the airport, or the train station and now have to wait a couple hours for your actual departure. Now what? Well, if you are at an airport you do have the luxury of being able to explore the different gift shops, restaurants and comfortable waiting areas. When those have been exhausted, your children may get bored. Now is the time for activities such as coloring. Coloring is a popular activity with both girls and boys, of many ages, so this can work for almost anyone. Be sure to have enough coloring markers/crayons/pencils and paper for everyone to share if you do have more than one child. If you have forgotten to bring along a coloring book or crayons, chances are the airport will have some for you to purchase. 

If your child knows how to read, bring along a couple of their favorite books, or the one they are currently reading. If they enjoy games, bring along a pack of cards and teach them a game that you used to play as a child, such as “Go Fish” or “Crazy 8’s”. Try playing “Mad Libs” together and making up silly stories. This can actually be a great bonding opportunity for you and the kids. 

On the Way!

You are now on the plane or train. The children are so excited for the coming adventure that they are becoming restless. What to do!? Well, since you already have the coloring books and crayons, the children can continue that activity or choose to do something else. If you are fine with handheld video games, you can allow them to play on the console during the trip. Have the kids listen to some music or watch a movie on a mini DVD player. If your little ones are tuckered out easily by travelling, don’t forget to bring a small, plushy pillow and travel sized blanket to allow them some quiet resting time while you are on your way. Most important of all, have a fun and safe time travelling with your children! 


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Not So Heavenly Homemaking

After being at home for the last few months, I have discovered many things about myself; one of them is that I love to bake. The other is that I actually really enjoy taking care of my home and making it look nice.

When I was working as a preschool teacher 5 days a week, I would come home exhausted at the end of the day. I didn’t want to clean up my home, and I definitley didn’t want to bake anything. I didn’t even want to THINK about baking or cleaning at all! I had no interest in either, aside from the fact that I knew if I didn’t clean I would turn into a typical “young person” who lives amongst pizza boxes and dirty underwear.

Now that I have been spending the majority of my time at home, job searching, or now writing articles for clients, I have so much more energy. This energy is now being channeled in ways I didn’t think I wanted to use my energy. I’m enjoying baking different kinds of cookies for the last month or so. The other day I made some awesome cookies with macadamia nuts and white chocolate. I wasn’t very confident in my new skills, but they turned out great. I’m also finding a big sense of satisfaction from cleaning up messes in my house and completing different tasks everyday.

I definitely now have more time for other online fun stuff too – so yesterday I created a new page on Facebook called “Not So Heavenly Homemaking”. As I discovered my love for baking and taking care of the home, I also discovered a lot of people online

had created “Homemaking” groups that were primarily centered around preaching and Bible Thumping. It was almost impossible to find a homemaking page that wasn’t filled with “God’s Word”. I was previously unaware that Homemaking had to be an extremely religious thing as well as strictly for women? (What year is it again?) Well, I don’t agree with that. So my new FB page “Not So Heavenly Homemaking” is for anyone who considers themself a “homemaker”, whether woman or man, whether religious or not. It’s about making the “practical” stuff you have to do at home more fun and entertaining! I had NO idea I would ever consider myself a bit of a homemaker, but now that I do, I am not ashamed of it at all. What’s wrong with loving baking and taking pride in how your house looks? Nothing. Now, I don’t know if this will be the same for me when I add a child to the mix, but quite honestly, I can’t wait to find out. 🙂

(Here is the address to my FB page if you want to take a look:

Pillsbury Xmas Tree Cookies

Pillsbury Xmas Tree Cookies which I added some leftover Macadamia nuts to.

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Playing with Dough

I just finished writing another five articles for my client, so I’m a bit tired of typing at the moment; however, I still wanted to post something so I will share a fun playdough recipe with you today. I’m sure someone out there wants to make playdough today, right!? LoL.

Miss Nikki’s Playdough Recipe

1 cup Plain White Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
2 tsp Cream of TarTar 
1 cup Water
1 tsp Oil
*Add scents such as pumpkin spice, cocoa powder, nutmeg, or koolaid for fun. 
*Add your favorite food coloring (just a cpl drops) 
*Add glitter for some sparkle. 

* Mix ingredients together with a fork until smooth and one color. Pour mixture into pot, bring to boil over medium heat. Stir until thick and dough begins to form into a ball. Take out and allow to cool. Knead for a few minutes, and store in airtight container. 

You can ask the kids if they wanna play with it too. What, you thought it was just for them?

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Working at home

I am officially working from home today. It feels great to say that!

I finally got my first “real” writing gig with a company, and am starting to write some articles for them about different topics. Today’s articles are mostly real estate related stuff. It’s so exciting to know that I will actually be getting paid to do something I enjoy.

I just finished writing my first article for this company a few minutes ago, and have four more to go for today. It’s actually really fun doing the research and learning about topics I don’t often think about (such as real estate, LoL).

My dream, which has changed a million times over the last few years, is now to be able to make an income working primarily from home, so when I do have a baby in the future (which I plan on soon!) I will be able to stay home with them and still provide for them without completely relying on my boyfriend, Jay. He is amazing and works so hard. I would hate for him to feel like all the money stuff is on his shoulders alone.

I really hope this writing thing works out and becomes something I can rely on and enjoy for the rest of my life.

What do you do for work? Do you love it, or hate it, or neither? What would you do if you could choose any job in the world and make tons of money doing it? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Me an Jay, Summer 2011

Me and Jay in Summer 2011

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