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Big News!

I’m so sorry I have not posted in quite awhile! I was very busy for the majority of February and then March, doing interviews for a new job. I got the job, by the way!

What is this new job you ask? Well, I am officially a Customer Experience Representative at Indigo’s American Girl Doll Boutique! I get to work with kids AND dolls all day. Woohoo!

It is the first ever American Girl Doll Boutique in Canada! How exciting is that?! There will be two American Girl Doll Boutique locations in Canada: Vancouver (where I will be working) and Toronto. The boutique is not officially open until May 3rd. I have to say, all the new employees hired for this boutique are super passionate about dolls! We are all extremely excited to share that passion. We will be located in Chapters on Robson, right next to IndigoKids on the 2nd floor.

So far, the trickiest part of my training has been learning how to operate the cash register! I have never done anything like that in my life. On Saturday I will have my first full shift working cash, so wish me luck! LoL. I hope the customers are patient with me.

Will you be visiting the new boutique in Vancouver or Toronto? Let me know in the comments section below.


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New Prospects

I’m pretty excited about a new job prospect that I just found out about today. Apparently Indigo books is going to be selling American Girl Doll products starting in the Spring and they need someone to act as a “Customer Experience Representative”. Apparently the job involves working with kids and parents who come into the store, helping them choose AG products and telling them about the line. Now, if anyone here has read my doll blog or has me as a friend on Facebook they probably noticed that I am a wee bit obsessed with dolls.

I have been collecting all types of dolls for as long as I can remember, and even though I am a “Canadian Girl” I always wanted one of those American Girl dolls. My dad’s side of the family is American so I guess I could always use that as an excuse. Any excuse to buy a new doll! Alas, I never had the chance to visit a state that had an AG store, so never even saw an AG doll in person. I still receive AG Doll catalogues to this day. I’m pretty sure I signed up to receive the catalogues when I was about 13 years old. 

If I got a chance to work around dolls all day, I have to say I think I would be pretty happy. The thought of helping little girls or boys choose a doll and have a really fun and unique experience sounds like a blast to me. The position is part time too, which would be perfect for me to continue with my writing and editing services. I should find out pretty soon if I get to go in for an interview, so will update here as anything happens. Please wish me luck and send some positive vibes my way via the internet! 

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Baby Fever

Me @ work

Me @ work

Ever since I stopped working as a pre-school teacher, my “baby fever” seems to have grown exponentially. Almost every day at my new job, which has nothing to do with childhood education, I think about the kids I used to work with and how much fun we had together. I imagine how much fun my own future child(ren) and I will have. My goal right now is to save up some money, purchase my own home, and run a small pre-school group 3-4 days a week. (PS. Constantly reading ‘mommy blogs’ doesn’t help my situation either.)

This customer service job I am doing is so soul crushing sometimes I can’t even fathom having to get up the next day and do it all over again. It’s not the customers that make it this way, but mostly the fact that I feel my training was rushed and I didn’t retain all the information that I should have. I don’t feel equipped to properly help people with certain issues. Some of the tasks I have learned quickly and have no issue with, but some things are very complicated and I feel like I’m constantly having to ask for help. The fact that I get to work from home is the only thing keeping me from leaving the job at this point. Oh well. It’s all a means to an end, right?

Have you ever done a job you disliked immensely? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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