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Holidays Approaching

The holidays are coming up fast, and things are getting crazier at work. More guests coming in, tons of people shopping for Xmas gifts, and buying decorations. I have been missing my down time at home but still enjoy working with my awesome fellow employees and thinking about what gifts I will get my own friends and family while I’m working.

The best part of my day is always helping a parent or grandparent pick out the perfect doll for their child to open on Xmas morning. I usually got a doll or something doll related on Xmas morning as a kid, and I still remember how exciting and joyful it was for me. Of course, sometimes I still get doll related gifts, and still experience the joy! Haha. I may have even gotten myself a little Xmas dolly treat online the other day but that is another story.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves doing whatever it is that they do, and would love to hear how you all prepare for the coming holidays.


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