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7 Quick Takes Friday


7 Quick Takes Friday

Trying out this 7 Quick Takes Friday thing that I have seen around on a few blogs recently. Enjoy!


I just found out my nephew is coming to my place for the weekend. *Someone* knew about this a week ago and forgot to tell me. So now I will have to slack a bit on working from home to do extra clean up around here. It’s a mess after bringing all the X-mas decorations upstairs from the storage room.


My other half got brand new tail lights for our truck and he was very pleased. So was I, until he opened the box they were delivered in and styrofoam went flying all over the living room. Apparently the Customs team at the border had decided it was a suspicious looking package and opened it up, breaking up the pieces of styrofoam it was packed in and causing some styrofoam to actually somehow get inside of the lights. We had to stick the vacuum hose inside a hole on the tail lights to suck out the styrofoam and I had to vacuum over and over until it was all gone. Ugh.


One of my pet rats, Willow, has a neurological disorder and I am thinking we don’t have much time left with her. I can’t dwell on it too much or I get really upset and just cry about it. I love her so much and hate to see her struggle…


I am hoping for some snow soon. I think it will help me to appreciate my job at home more, as I won’t have to be dealing with public transit during crappy weather, which I have done for most of the last 6 or 7 years.


On Saturday I am helping my sister in law move. Usually I would not look forward to something like this, but she is awesome, and the fact that I get to take the day off work to do so is just grand.


I got one Xmas gift prepared for my other half, which is nice. Now I have to wait until next week to order his 2nd gift, which I’m pretty sure he already knows will be the head lights to match his new tail lights.


Last night I watched the Lady Gaga Holiday Spectacular and loved it. My favorite new song of her’s right now is “Gypsy”. I highly recommend that you download it and listen to it over and over again. Have a great weekend!

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Baby Fever

Me @ work

Me @ work

Ever since I stopped working as a pre-school teacher, my “baby fever” seems to have grown exponentially. Almost every day at my new job, which has nothing to do with childhood education, I think about the kids I used to work with and how much fun we had together. I imagine how much fun my own future child(ren) and I will have. My goal right now is to save up some money, purchase my own home, and run a small pre-school group 3-4 days a week. (PS. Constantly reading ‘mommy blogs’ doesn’t help my situation either.)

This customer service job I am doing is so soul crushing sometimes I can’t even fathom having to get up the next day and do it all over again. It’s not the customers that make it this way, but mostly the fact that I feel my training was rushed and I didn’t retain all the information that I should have. I don’t feel equipped to properly help people with certain issues. Some of the tasks I have learned quickly and have no issue with, but some things are very complicated and I feel like I’m constantly having to ask for help. The fact that I get to work from home is the only thing keeping me from leaving the job at this point. Oh well. It’s all a means to an end, right?

Have you ever done a job you disliked immensely? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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