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Young Ones

Pretty please, will you read my latest article for FilmAnnex?


“Although in recent times more children than ever before are attending school in the country of Afghanistan, a large majority of those schools are makeshift.  Some of these are made from tents, or even using a large sheet tied between two trees to shelter…”


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Children’s Education in Afghanistan

It sure would mean so much to me if you would take a look at the article I just wrote regarding children’s education in Afghanistan! Image

“Worldwide organizations play a crucial part in assisting the underprivileged resident schooling department, as well as encouraging and sponsoring the education of girls in particular. The donation of school materials has been a very significant area of support…”

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Hope you all had a great week!

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The Lady

My most recent article for FilmAnnex is about a film made concerning Aung San Suu Kyi, a pro-democracy leader in Myanmar. Please take a look! 🙂 

“She was denied all contact with her husband and children for many years, but still Suu Kyi wouldn’t leave Myanmar because the government would more than likely have never let her return again. Suu Kyi’s sacrifices to bring peace and democracy to her country’s government are and were astounding…”

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So Far Away

This past Monday I had to say goodbye to my significant other. He is going away for work in another province. This is our first time being apart from each other in almost 2 and a half years. It has been 4 full days now that he has been gone, and I’ve finally figured out why everyone loves Skype so much. I never really had a use for it before, except for connecting with clients, but now I find myself constantly checking the Skype icon in the corner, just to see if Jay has signed on yet. After his 2nd day there, he started the night shift, which then brought on something else new to me – not being able to say goodnight, or to hear him saying it to me.

I’ve been lucky to find some support groups online recently for women whose partner’s go away to work for periods of time. So far I’ve met a couple really cool ladies. It’s too bad they aren’t local. 

Now, if only I had some more writing jobs coming up to keep me a little more distracted. 

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I had one of my LinkedIn friends tell me this week about the failing film industry in Myanmar. I found it to be very interesting, so I wrote this article for Film Annex: 

Attempting to move creative and truly sincere and convincing movies past the established order in Myanmar is a problem for a lot of the filmmakers living there. For decades past, many types of open demonstrations had been closely controlled and the dramatic arts did not have immunity…”

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