The thought of parading the female form in Afghanistan is still a nearly unthinkable act for most of the people who live there. Many ladies still refuse to leave their home without wearing the traditional burqa that conceals their body entirely. However, in recent years, small fashion shows are taking place sporadically in the combat-exhausted capital. They are tiny assemblies, but they present a much larger concept: inspiring women to feel that they have power in Afghanistan…

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    Sara Kate said,

    Nikki, the fashion shows must seem like water in the desert to the women who know only oppression. I read your article with interest and I recalled I had recently followed a link to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their intent was to give young South Aftican designers and models an opportunity to show the rest of the world what they can do. From the photos, it was done very professionally and there is genuine talent blooming with the exposure.

    I did a paper on South Africa about a year ago to complete requirements for my degree. I admit that I didn’t look for success stories such as the Fashion Week spread. There may be many similar efforts to bring their people into this century. However, I didn’t have to look far for the other side of that prosperity. I suppose that third world countries all have sad stories about starvation, blight, drought, oppression… Oppression. I can’t imagine a life lived under harsh rule or religious law as these brave ladies do. I hope the fashion shows will become popular and that one day,a woman will only wear a burqa because she wants to. One day perhaps, they will choose to burn thier burqas as United States women did their bras not so long ago.

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