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Some very interesting research led me to write this article regarding heroin and opium addiction in Afghanistan. Please take a look!

“The world recently had their eyes opened by a short film called “Addicted in Afghanistan”, which profiles a family that is addicted to heroin and opium. Many people know that Afghanistan is the largest producer of opium in the world, but not everyone realized that the people of the country itself are facing an epidemic of addiction…”

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Continuing with this theme…

I am continuing on with my theme, featuring Afghanistan culture. This time I write about films in Afghanistan making their way into the Western world. I hope you will take a look!

“An Afghani movie has suddenly been put forward for nomination in the ‘Boston International Film Festival’ usually held in the month of April. This particular film festival shows many independent movies which focus primarily on promoting multiculturalism. This unique movie took about a year to shoot, and was directed by a man named Sadiq Abedi…”

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So, I wrote another piece for FilmAnnex.

This topic has really been stealing all of my interest lately. Hope you will take a look!

“Being a woman is not easy in Afghanistan. Most are illiterate, and have no one who wants to support their educational desires. Even more are used and abused as young children, some being married or engaged to be married at just ten years old. You might think that this treatment of women cannot change – but it has changed in the recent past, and hopefully it will continue a positive change in the future…”

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The thought of parading the female form in Afghanistan is still a nearly unthinkable act for most of the people who live there. Many ladies still refuse to leave their home without wearing the traditional burqa that conceals their body entirely. However, in recent years, small fashion shows are taking place sporadically in the combat-exhausted capital. They are tiny assemblies, but they present a much larger concept: inspiring women to feel that they have power in Afghanistan…

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