Don’t Want to Know What You Really See

I had a rough few days this past week, but the clouds have lifted a bit, and I’m starting to feel a tad better. If you are going through a stormy patch with your anxiety or depression, or just generally having an unpleasant day, here are some tips to help you feel better. They worked for me, and I hope they will work for you as well. 🙂

1. Listen to your favorite “happy” music. I know it can be tempting when we are down to listen to melancholy music. Misery loves company, right? Well, if you really want to get out of that funk, you have to listen to something more positive. For me, it’s “Let’s Have a Kiki” by the Scizzor Sisters, or “Gangnam Style” by Psy, because frankly, that song and video is just hilarious.

2. Watch a comedy. Make sure it’s a comedy you are into, and not something you will think is asinine, causing you to get angry and throw your remote at the TV. You want to be happy, remember!?

3. Find a cute, fuzzy animal to cuddle with. Pet the fuzzy animal and say “Aww!” You will instantly feel better. Probably. Unless it bites you, which I hope it does not. 🙂 Also, petting animals, or spending time with animals has been shown in studies to calm people suffering from anxiety.

4. Maybe your sister or brother in law needs some time to themselves – offer to take your adorable niece or nephew out to the park while the parents go off on a date or shopping together.  Sometimes kids say the most random, hilarious things, and I know that always cheers me up!

5. Breathing Techniques: I was taught a lot of different breathing techniques to calm myself over the years, but the one I find works best for me is breathing in through the nose for 7 seconds, and out through the mouth for 7 seconds. You count the seconds while breathing and really focus on your breath. This takes you away from whatever else you are thinking about, and it can be done anywhere, even at work!

However, do not write sad, depressing poetry reminiscent of your teenage years, such as I did the other day. Here’s mine:

Thoughts untold 
Nobody can trust you
And it’s starting to get old. 
Tried to redeem yourself for all the pain
But some of them think
You can’t really change


Have a nice day! 😛


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  1. 1

    Adam S said,

    Breathing techniques! That is absolute key. Helped me tremendously. The breath has a tendency of getting out of control when stress is high. I like to end the day with controlled breathing, and it helps to put me out too. Hang in there.

  2. 3

    Nikki, saw your blog on LinkedIn and thought I’d try the solution to my problem with commenting. I can relate to your suggestion for listening to happy music. I listen to the old classics with a strong beat when I’m on the treadmill. It really gets the heart pumping, or maybe it’s just the incline that does that.

  3. 5

    Good post and good suggestions! I do all of the above plus I meditate (guided meditations). Sometimes I will call up a good friend or family member that I have a positive connection with and soon we are past the ‘issue’ of the day and reminiscing about fun times. Laughter is good medicine! (Beverley from LinkedIn)

    • 6

      Hi Bev 🙂 I try to meditate but it is a struggle for me – constant thoughts getting in the way – I still need to work on those techniques! Thanks so much for reading!!

      • 7

        Have you tried guided mediations (CDs)? I like to lay on the floor on a mat with a warm blanket and candles while listening to a guided meditation. Even if you drift off to sleep, the messages are very calming and you will wake up refreshed and perhaps with a new perspective.

      • 8

        I have previously tried that while in therapy sessions, however not on my own. I think that will be my next step!! Thanks for the idea 😉

  4. 9

    Thanks for the follow Nikki (Beverley from LinkedIn)! am now following your blog.

  5. 11

    FeyGirl said,

    Hey there! Great to see you (Christina from LinkedIn, aka FeyGirl)… Great post & site! You’re in one of my favorite areas on the planet, and ironically one of my TOP decompressing methods is escaping to nature. 🙂 It’s where I breathe best….

    • 12

      Hi Christina 🙂 Thanks so much for reading my blog, I really appreciate it! Yes, BC is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Have you ever been? Definitely lots of magnificent nature to escape to here 😉

  6. 13

    Lorraine Marie Reguly said,

    You are such an upbeat person! It really shows in your writing! I like it!

    • 14

      Well I sure wouldn’t describe myself that way but it is nice to hear that someone else thinks of me that way! 🙂 I just have to always remind myself of ways to keep positive because sometimes I have trouble with that. This post helps me remember 😉

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