Work in Progress…


Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a “work in progress”…

Almost every time I come back to this blog, I am apologizing for not writing enough. To who, though? Myself, I guess. I need to combat my chronic laziness. I want to write all the time, but just don’t get around to it, unfortunately.

Update on my life: 

Back in February 2017, my partner, Jay, broke his leg after slipping on ice during a bad snow storm. He was also diagnosed just recently with severe arthritis in his hip which was probably caused by a previous injury years ago, so with that and his leg he won’t be able to go back to work for a quite a bit still.

I’ve been working a lot lately, and as usual am exhausted everyday. My current task at work is trying to get Margaret Atwood in for a book signing of the Handmaid’s Tale – woo! I will let you all know how that goes. If you’ve been watching the new series that has been created around The Handmaid’s Tale, I’d love to know what you think. I really think it is amazing and a must read/watch!

Speaking of Atwood, I’ve been consuming a lot more literature lately, which is really helping me to de-stress. I’m on an Atwood kick at the moment, but I’ve also been reading Eckhart Tolle and HP Lovecraft, as well as other stuff. What have you been reading? 

Over Spring Break in March, I was lucky enough to read lots of great children’s stories to different groups of kids that came in to the store. It made me miss teaching pre-school and so I have decided that I am going to develop a YouTube channel where I host a story time for children. It will be called, “Storytime with Miss Nikki”. Please let me know what you think of this!

Until next time …


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Mad World

Hello everyone.

Yes, it sure has been a long time since I have posted here. I was concentrating more on my doll collecting blog for the past year or so. I’m still here, though!

Now…I’m not going to get into a big, long winded post about why I think America has totally screwed themselves over electing this living Dorito. I just know that they have…

Anyway! If you haven’t jumped off a bridge yet and can see this post, I commend your bravery. I am here for you, and so are a lot of other people who want the best for your country, even if we don’t live there.

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Working on a Commercial Shoot

Sorry for not writing in forever. I have been concentrating on my Doll Blog. I will try to pop in here more often!

I had a very special experience recently, and I have been super busy and quite exhausted so haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.

2016-08-31 14.08.13.jpg

I was asked to work as a ‘doll stylist’ on a commercial shoot for American Girl and Wellie Wishers dolls. I had to stay on set for almost 14 hours each day, making sure that the dolls that were featured in the commercial looked beautiful.


I had to ensure that their hair and clothes were looking wonderful for the camera. It was a very cool experience! The commercials will probably not be on the air until 2017. I will let you know if I get any more information on where to watch the commercials when they are released!


After speaking with some other people on set, I found out I could work on Barbie, Monster High, Cabbage Patch, and other commercials that require doll styling. I really think that would be a great job! Have you ever worked on a commercial set? What did you enjoy most about it?

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The New American Girl Boutique @ Indigo Granville!

I am sorry I haven’t yet posted any pictures of the brand new American Girl Boutique @ Indigo Granville! I have a lot to share with you, and even more I haven’t had time to photograph yet.

2015-06-05 09.08.412015-06-12 17.23.37

I really like the new location. It’s bright and feels bigger, even though it technically isn’t. We finally have our very own cash desk, so we can help guests complete their purchase faster. It also makes our jobs easier not having to walk a distance to and from the other cash terminals.

2015-06-22 14.48.35

One thing I am really happy about is that Addy Walker gets more space to show off! At our old location Addy didn’t get a lot of attention, but here she has tons of room to let everyone know how beautiful and fun she is. I’d love to have an Addy doll myself someday in the future. She really is a gorgeous doll, and her character’s story is very inspiring!

2015-06-22 11.13.002015-06-22 11.12.412015-06-22 11.13.15

2015-06-22 10.51.582015-06-22 11.11.122015-06-22 11.10.57

2015-06-12 17.25.55

2015-06-22 11.12.09

There will be a special event with arts and crafts related to the new Grace Thomas movie held at our new location on June 23rd from 5-7 pm.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, and come visit the new location soon @ Indigo Granville (formerly Chapters Granville).

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Once again I have to apologize for not writing much. I am so busy with work and life that I don’t have much time to write. The big news as of late is that the store I work at, which is the Indigo American Girl Doll boutique on Robson street in Vancouver, is going to be moving locations.

Unfortunately the whole store has to vacate the location we are currently in due to the insanely high rent rates, and my specific dolly section will be moving to Broadway and Granville which means a longer commute for me. I love the people I work with, and of course, you know I love my dolls, so I will be going with them. At first I was pretty devastated about the move, but I have slowly been coming to terms with it. I do not do well with change of any sort, but luckily they told us about this in time for me to adjust and accept that I won’t be working in this space that I love much longer. I just keep telling myself, “It will be okay. Change is the only constant in our lives.”

I hope everyone out there is well and happy, and I hope to be writing more here very soon!

2015-02-25 08.47.41

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Holidays Approaching

The holidays are coming up fast, and things are getting crazier at work. More guests coming in, tons of people shopping for Xmas gifts, and buying decorations. I have been missing my down time at home but still enjoy working with my awesome fellow employees and thinking about what gifts I will get my own friends and family while I’m working.

The best part of my day is always helping a parent or grandparent pick out the perfect doll for their child to open on Xmas morning. I usually got a doll or something doll related on Xmas morning as a kid, and I still remember how exciting and joyful it was for me. Of course, sometimes I still get doll related gifts, and still experience the joy! Haha. I may have even gotten myself a little Xmas dolly treat online the other day but that is another story.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves doing whatever it is that they do, and would love to hear how you all prepare for the coming holidays.


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So …

So, obviously my decision to blog more often didn’t stick. That tends to happen when you are working more than usual and come home exhausted, not wanting to do anything, including open the laptop.

I’ve been sick lately and have the day off today so have been enjoying some computer catch up. Reading other blogs and forums and really enjoying that.

I hope everyone is doing well and continuing to be happier everyday. I try, and I struggle, but I always keep going. Hope you do too.

Back to the couch I go…

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